Limousines have a wide variety of uses, they can be rented for parties, stag, or hen nights, sightseeing trips, banquetes, proms, airport transfers, and much more. With the bars built in, this is also a great option for traveling to a wedding. Limousine. Enjoy your favorite film or series, with a glass of champagne, and enjoy the ride with your loved ones. Choose us!  Limousine rentLimousine. Once you’ve decided you want to rent a limousine, the next step is deciding which vehicle you want to choose and travel in. Limo rent. Here are a few types of limousines to help you with your decision to choose which is the best for your next event. A sedan limo is a standard black limousine that you probably see a lot of times. Limousine rent. All in all, this is the cheapest option for a luxury vehicle, Limousine service Bp. We have a wide variety of limousines for rent, for nearly any occasion. Our fleet consists of Hummer limousines and  party buses. Our prices are very affordable, as we are not an agency, you rent the limousine from us directly. Contact us for if you need a special price quote for your limousine hire in Budapest. but it still is an amazing and good choice. If you are planning an exciting event or just planning to attend one, you want to arrive there in style in front of your loved ones and friends. A limo rent is an amazing idea for every event whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or a road trip or you just want to surprise your loved ones. Hummer limo Bp. This type of limousine that you can rent from us is more spacious compared to the original sedan limo. All of them have entertainment systems inside including TV’s and lights, music and bars. SUV limousines are a great choice for birthday parties, because they have a lot of space, so you can invite a lot of people. Hummer limo Bp. Luckily by today limousine rental has become less expensive, so not only the rich, but even those who are looking to have a glorious wedding or anniversary have the opportunity to rent a limousine. It is a little bit smaller compared to the other options, originally made to fit three or four people, but I’m sure you can fit in around 5 too.. Limousine service Bp. Because of its simple, sophisticated look, it is the best choice for airport and and business transportation. Our drivers are friendly and very helpful.